Sunday, January 9, 2011


And we are coming up! Up! Up, out of the depths of the norovirus!

Please, go read about the norovirus. I did not know this was a thing people - regular, ordinary people like you and me - could get. I thought it was perhaps reserved for people of dramatic historic novels, or people in wacky sitcom dramas, or people on cruise ships.

You'll notice it is characterized by "severe vomiting."

So I started feeling ill at 5:00 on Thursday evening, and by 6:00 the, ahem, full gastrointestinal evacuation began in earnest. I threw up six times in three hours and actually got into somewhat of a routine: vomit, stare in horror at my blue lips, stagger back to bed, shiver and moan under the covers while sleeping fitfully and becoming increasingly nauseated, then at the half-hour mark stagger back to the bathroom and repeat!

But by 9:00 the vomiting stopped, and started to sleep in gradually longer stretches, and my lips turned back to their usual mauve. However, I was so weak from loss of food and fluids that I could hardly lift my 3-month-old daughter (I kept asking Aaron when she got so big) and felt like I was sleepwalking all day. It's hard to recover when the two things you need (calories and sleep) are trumped by an infant, who makes so many demands what with all her needs and frequent nursing and refusing to take 4-hour mid-day naps with you.

So I'm still a little light-headed and my stomach is still a little iffy (although I did prescribe myself a chocolate milkshake Friday night on the assumption that it would pack the easiest caloric wallop to my system), and I admit I did come downstairs and almost excitedly tell Aaron that I think I lost a few pounds this week - duh.

Norovirus! An easy way to kick off your New Year's diet goals!

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