Thursday, December 23, 2010

Three Months

Mary turned three months old recently and I've been thinking about all the ways she's changed in those 13 weeks. I just went through and updated her baby book but it's pretty basic and oddly focused on how many times she sleeps during the day (um, three? sometimes four? I guess?). That's not really what I wanted to keep track of.

Also it has oddly mystifying blanks.

We fed you ________________________________________ and you ate ________________ times a day.

What goes in that blank? "Formula?" "From the boob?" "Even though you screamed about it and Mama winced every time you latched on?" It's a very long blank so I suspect they are expecting something more than I wrote ("several").

Anyway, I wanted to record all the things the baby book didn't include confusing blanks for. And there is a word for that!

It is called MOMMY-BLOGGING.

Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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