Thursday, December 23, 2010

Turkey Fajitas

The week before Thanksgiving, Wegman's was selling turkeys for $0.39/lb.


I bought a 15-lb turkey. For our two-adult and one-baby household. I roasted it two weeks ago and we've been eating turkey ever since!

Thankfully I used a Cook's Illustrated recipe and the turkey turned out moist and flavorful. So what have I done with the bird?

- 1 Thanksgiving mini-feast
- 2 leftover-Feast lunches
- 2 casseroles Turkey Divan
- 1 large serving Turkey Fajitas
- 1 gallon turkey stock

The turkey fajitas used up the last of the turkey and formed the basis of a delicious 50-carb meal. This meal is a lot simpler than most of our meals - all the meat, veggies, and carbs fit into one dish.

I used about three bell peppers and 1 onion, with about 1.5 lbs of cooked turkey. In the future, I would use more veggies for the quantity of meat - probably 4 or 5 peppers and 2 or 3 onions. Using a higher onion-to-pepper ratio would of course be cheaper, or using green peppers, but I hate green peppers so it's red or yellow for us!

Total for the dish:
Turkey, cheese, sour cream, fajita seasoning: 3g carbs max
Onion: 10g carbs
Red pepper: 21g carbs
Total: 34g carbs. We made it into 3 servings of 11g carbs each.

Corn tortillas: 1 tortilla has 7g carbs. 6 tortillas/serving = 42g carbs

Total: 53g carbs.

Caution: this is a lot of food! That's how much Aaron ate... I had 2 tortillas and about 2/3 the meat combo he did and was quite full. For lunch I used about half a cup of the meat mixture wrapped up in a whole-wheat tortilla burrito style. Delicious.

Turkey Fajitas (serves 3)
Warm up leftover cooked turkey and place in large frying pan with chopped peppers and onions. Add water and fajita seasoning packet. Cook until veggies are crisp-tender.

Warm up corn tortillas. Top with fajita mix, cheese, and sour cream.

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